The DNR said about the team of Ukrainian snipers to shoot at civilians


www.vsyako.netThe consequences of shelling of village in Donetsk allactite: Sergey Averin / RIA Novosti

Command of the Operation United forces of Ukraine sent to the Donbass to the front of snipers who are allowed to shoot at civilians, the chief declared a press-services of Management of the people’s militia self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND) Daniel Bessonov. This was reported by “Donetsk news Agency”.

“The command of the occupation forces send guidance to downstream connection to send to the advanced sniper pairs to fire to our defenders,” said Bessonov.

He argues, in these instructions it is written that the sniper can choose to defeat the purpose of threatening the security of Ukraine. The target can be as member of the armed forces and a civilian.

According to Bezsonov, the decision of the Ukrainian command is aimed at the intensification of hostilities and contrary to the terms of the indefinite ceasefire announced on 21st July.

August 6 near the village of Pavlopil, Donetsk region in shelling killed four Ukrainian military. The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky the next day called the Russian leader Vladimir Putin called as soon as possible to hold talks in the “Normandy format”, i.e. with the participation of the representatives of Germany and France.The DNR said that was not involved in the fire and the death of the Ukrainian military.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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