Trump was accused of spreading “conspiracy theories”


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Opponents of the us leader Donald trump accused him of trying to spread “conspiracy theory”. This publication reports The Washington Post.

The reason for this statement was that the US President did not respond to the message about the death of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, but did retweet the opinions of the conservative-minded satirist Terrence Williams, who surprised the suicide of a financier allegedly having some information about ex-President bill Clinton. Moreover, he wondered how a billionaire could commit suicide, if it is 24 hours watched, afraid that he really could settle scores with life. The words of Williams was not supported by the facts, but according to sources, for Epstein did observe, however, in the last week this did not happen.

Dissatisfaction with the act, trump expressed by the representative of the Clinton angel of Urania. According to him, the American leader knew how disgusting goes, making a repost of this record. “Maybe he forgot about the 25th amendment, which allows to remove the President from office?” — he wrote in his Twitter account.

Earlier on August 10, it became known that Epstein accused of sexual exploitation of children, committed suicide in prison in Manhattan. On friendly terms with the fact that journalists were accused trump and Clinton. Both politicians denied any connection with Epstein.

Later U.S. attorney General William Barr said that the suicide of Epstein raises serious questions. It was reported that he was under special control of the administration of the prison as persons who are prone to suicide.

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