Versace apologized for the t-shirts from China without Hong Kong and Macau


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Italian fashion house Versace was forced to make a formal apology, due to the fact released a t-shirt that Macau and Hong Kong were listed not as a territory of China, and as an independent state. This reports the Global Times.

The scandal erupted after the Versace representative in China, Yang Mi posted a photo t-shirt on which the print was struck of the list of cities and countries in which they are located. However, Hong Kong and Macau is China as the country to which they belong, were given the Gongong and Macau.

Yang Mi then stated that he was leaving the company in protest against the disrespect of the house of the territorial integrity of the PRC. “The sovereignty and territorial integrity of China sacred, lawful and do not tolerate differences,” said Yang Mi in an official statement.

After 12 minutes, this was followed by the official reaction of Versace in the account brand on the Chinese platform Weibo mikroblogov: “Our incorrect design led to the fact that some cities were not associated with the correct country. Party t-shirts withdrawn from sale and destroyed on July 24. We are deeply sorry…”.

Chinese netizens have supported Yang Mi, who called Patriotic. However, questioned the sincerity of the apology Versace. “Don’t try to use “error” as an excuse to challenge China’s sovereignty,” wrote one user.

The scandal with the t-shirt happened on the background for the ninth week of mass protests in Hong Kong. Residents oppose the extradition of offenders on the territory of mainland China, considering that it is a violation of their rights.

Despite the claims Versace t-shirts for the price of about three million yuan (27.7 thousand) is still sold on the Chinese e-Commerce platform

In February 2019, the Italian fashion house Gucci has released a new jumper and infuriated customers, who considered it racist.

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