Well-known YouTube-blogger alarmed fans sudden disappearance


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British YouTube blogger Marina Joyce (Marina Joyce) sowed panic among his fans because of his sudden disappearance, reports the Metro. Fans began to regularly leave messages in social networks, causing the disappearance of the girl was interested in the police.

About the location of the girl and her safety started to worry shortly after the release of her latest video. June 21, she posted a video about grooming his hair, and promised new content in a week. However, since the update to the channel has not been published. Police began searching for the Joyce in late July, noting that she was last seen in London Haringe.

The situation escalated after the guy is 22-year-old blogers Brandon Mehmed (Mehmed Brandon) wrote that love is in order, but the police reported that she is still missing. Fans even began to suspect Mehmet of involvement in her disappearance.

In social networks gaining popularity hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce for the second time in recent years. In 2016 fans of Joyce also worried about her behavior. Then some saw in her video, hidden calls for help, and noticed bruises on his back and arms.

Only on August 10 the police has officially confirmed that the girl was found and is safe. Mehmet also released an official post about it. He announced a new video from Joyce, in which she will explain that disappearance. According to the guy, he didn’t expect so many fans would accuse him of harming the girl.

Mehmet said that he could not disclose the details of the incident — will do it myself blogger. While the video explanation is not published in social networks of the Internet celebrity is also still no updates.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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