Became known the details hard the arrest of the girls at the rally in Moscow


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Beaten at the meeting by a police officer Daria Sosnowski submitted a letter to the Investigation Committee. On Monday, August 12 “the” the lawyer said of the girl Tatyana Molokanova.

“We submitted the application on the fact of abuse by the employee of official duties and infliction of bodily injury. After the incident, Daria has diagnosed a bruise of soft tissues of the scalp, contusion of the chest on the right. She still has malaise, nausea, headache, abdominal pain. She is now at home, but if it gets worse, it is not excluded that it will be necessary to seek medical help,” said Molokanova.

According to the lawyer, the girl was detained on promotion after she made the remark to a police officer dragging on the ground disabled. She was going to go further but turned around and saw the police had run in her direction. The staff began to twist her hands, was arrested and taken to the Department. From there she was released, writing her a summons under part 5 of article 20.2 (“the violation by the participant of a public event of the established order of the meeting”) of the administrative code.

The video with the flagrant detention is widespread in social networks. The footage shows how two law enforcement officers are female, holding by the hand, and then one of them gets arrested in the stomach.

After the publication of the video in the media in Regardie said that captured the footage, the employees do not belong to the departments. The lawyer Tatyana Molokanova in an interview with “” said that if someone strikes Daria most likely police officer.

On 10 August it was reported that police officers and employees of Regardie detained more than 136 people for participating in an unsanctioned rally in Central Moscow. The detention began when the participants agreed the rally on Academician Sakharov prospect after its completion, began to gather in the centre of Moscow at a monument to heroes of Plevna. Due to the unauthorized action was blocked traffic on the streets.


Video, photo All from Russia.


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