China called the rebel opposition terrorists


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During the riots in Hong Kong began to show “the seeds of terrorism.” This statement was made official representative of the office for Hong Kong and Macau by the state Council of China Yang Guang, reports RIA Novosti.

“In recent days, the demonstrators use very dangerous objects to attack the police, (…), moreover, already appear the germs of terrorism”, — said the diplomat.

In particular, Yang pointed out that the Molotov cocktails that some of the protesters threw at the police, resulted in injuries. He added that the actions of dissenters are a threat to the safety of local residents and threaten the stability of the entire special district.

At the end of July it became known that in Hong Kong, the gang of several dozen men in white shirts with sticks attacked the protesters in the subway, resulting in 45 people injured.

July 1, protesters in Hong Kong took control of the Parliament. Then the Hong Kong police freed them from the building. The protests began on the day of the 22nd anniversary of the transfer to China of power over Hong Kong, a former British colony.

In June, more than a million Hong Kong residents took to mass protests over government plans to sign an extradition agreement with China, Taiwan and Macau. On 15 June the government suspended consideration of the draft, and after three days the head of Hong Kong Carrie Lam has made an apology to its citizens and assured them that the issue will be limited to those involved in murders and rapes.

Hong Kong from 1842 to 1997 was a British colony. He currently is part of China as a special administrative region.

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