Giant spider killed the bat in front of women


www.vsyako.netPicture: Annette Alaniz Guajardo

A resident of the city of Poteet, Texas, filmed the attack of a large spider on a bat in front of his house. The footage of the incident drew the attention of the portal UPI.

7 Aug Annette Alanis Guajardo (Annette Alaniz Guajardo) was going to work, when he saw in the street a bat in the web of black and yellow argiope. When the woman returned home, a spider came down on a dead mouse and allegedly ate it.

According to entomologist Matt Burton (Matt Bertone), these spiders feed mainly on insects, but in rare cases can attack larger creatures. “It’s well documented that they catch in their nets of birds and animals larger than themselves, and eat them,” explained Burton.

Argiope black and yellow (Argiope aurantia), also known as the yellow garden spider, common in Canada, Mexico, USA and Central America. The network of female black-and-yellow argiope round and reaches 60 inches in diameter. Males build a web of zig-zag shape.

In June it was reported that the national Park is mount field, Australia, the couple took a picture of a giant spider eating a possum. Justine Latton posted pictures of arthropod animals in the mouth on the page Tasmanian Inspects and Spiders in Facebook.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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