I found the reason of the failure of “the Avengers” to bury the dead character


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The film “the Avengers. The finale of” Joe Russo explained why the picture showed the funeral of the deceased in the plot, Black widow (Natasha Romanoff, the heroine Scarlett Johansson). His words on Monday, August 12, reports The Independent.

Fans of the franchise have criticized the strip because in comparison with is also dead Tony stark (Iron man to Robert Downey, Jr.), which was the scene of lavish funeral, a farewell with the deceased the Black widow after death wouldn’t have received screen time.

“I was inundated with questions about why Natasha after the death did not pay as much attention as Tony. Well, Tony in the franchise will be no more movies. And Natasha will be another film,” — said Russo in the Director’s commentary to the release of “the Avengers. The finale” on the DVD/Blu-Ray.

Black widow sacrifices herself for the sake of the soul Stone in the film “the Avengers. The final.” However, a separate film with her as the main heroine will be released on may 1, 2020. It will unfold after the events of the painting “the First avenger: the Confrontation” to the beginning of the storyline “Avengers. War infinity” and “Avengers. The final.”

Earlier, in July, “the Avengers. The final” broke the record of “Avatar” and become the highest grossing film of all time. Blockbuster charges amounted to 2,795 billion dollars.

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