The man raised someone else’s daughter because of the confusion in the hospital


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An American resident of Delaware, Ohio, found that is not the biological father of her 24-year-old daughter. This publication reports the Daily Mirror.

Rebecca, daughter of Joseph (Joseph) and Jennifer Castellon (Jennifer Cartellone), is interested in family history. Last Christmas she gave the parents a set which helps to find relatives with DNA. They sent the samples for analysis and two months later I learned the result. From this it followed that the girl’s father was not Joseph, but another man.

Rebecca was conceived in 1994 through in vitro fertilization (IVF). It was assumed that for the procedure using the genetic material of Joseph, but DNA test results showed that this did not happen. Who was the donor remains unknown, however, Joseph and Jennifer managed to narrow it down to five people. One of them is a doctor working in the hospital doing my IVF.

The family accuses the hospital and reproductive center of negligence and breach of contract and intends to seek damages. “I never would have thought that I received for Christmas set for the DNA test expose such abuse our trust, Joseph said. And Rebecca is even harder. She is experiencing serious emotional stress and confusion about self”.

In April it was reported that the Dutch physician Jan Charbaut (Jan Karbaat) was the father of at least 49 children conceived at his clinic by in vitro fertilization. He used his own biological material without the knowledge of patients, and in some cases deliberately acted against their will.

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