The passenger of the plane threw bare feet on a chair, and pissed off travelers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @passengershaming

A passenger aircraft with his feet on the chair and outraged by other travelers. His picture appeared on Instagram account @passengershaming, which the authors scoff at the strange antics of passengers.

The photo shows the bare feet of men who lie on the back of the forward seat. Commentators outraged by the actions of the traveler.

“I just don’t understand this behavior. He must be either prohibitively rough, absent-minded or transcendent” — surprised by a single user. “Isn’t there anybody on this planet thinks about others before you make stupid things?” — fumed another reader. “And after all ahead of him someone sitting there. His head was 15 inches. Unimaginable”, — was indignant one commentator.

In August, the economy class passengers settled on the floor in the plane to sleep, and horrified users. In the Instagram account @passengershaming there was a picture where a man was asleep across three chairs, removing the armrests, and his companion settled on the floor under the seats.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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