The Russians explained to new fishing regulations


www.vsyako.netPhoto by Anton Denisov / RIA Novosti

The Agency has explained the new law on Amateur fishing, which provides a limit on the daily catch of fish. About this “Russian newspaper” reported chief of management of control, supervision and fisheries Department Vitaly milk.

According to him, all restrictions for Amateur fishing are already established fishing regulations for private swimming pools. The new law will generalize these rules.

“In particular, nowhere is it possible to use Gill nets. But the law will be allowed to use the network to certain categories of fishermen in the far North, Siberia and the Far East where fishing nets is the main source of food. This network should be considered and marked. Electrofishing is also prohibited, as they cause significant damage, killing almost all life to the bottom of the reservoir. Of course, it is forbidden to use explosives,” explained the official.

Underwater hunters are prohibited to swim along the beaches, use scuba to hunt out of the water, to use “personal electronic means of detecting fish under the water,” said a member of the Council of the Federation of underwater fishing Vitaly Vinogradov.

The introduction of new rules of Amateur fishing August 9, reported “Kommersant”. As claimed by the newspaper, under the new rules, fishermen will be fined for exceeding the limit on the catch. They will come into force in 2021.

Earlier one of the locals flooded Tulun began to fish from the balcony. His neighbors even started to give advice on how to fish, but apparently to him he doesn’t listen. A local resident said that she is trying to catch the fish on the bread, but something doesn’t “take”. After this he was advised to try the meat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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