Transparent waterproof beach shorts angered users


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maverick Swimwear

Twitter users criticized the transparent waterproof company Maverick shorts Swimwear. Reported by the Mirror.

The shorts are made from polyester and decorated with neon lines glowing in the dark. They are like wearing speedos and a naked body. The cost of shorts, a limited edition, is 22,42 pounds (about 1.8 thousand).

However, netizens criticized the shorts. “Why… Just why?” — wrote one user. “I’ll just use them instead of the transparent bag. The same effect, only five pence!” — spoken by another. “God, what muck!” commented shorts third.

In July of 2019 Twitter users surprised sold on Asos translucent dress with corset latex cost 350 pounds (about 27 thousand rubles). Product name brand of poppy dizaineri Elissa (Elissa Poppy) reminded Internet users that red bag-mesh storage onions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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