Advisor Zelensky refused to review the law on Ukrainization


www.vsyako.netNikita Poturaeva: UKRLIFE.TV / YouTube

Adviser to the President on political Affairs, Nikita Poturaev believes that the law about the exclusivity of the Ukrainian language does not require revision. He told about it in interview to the edition “Media Detector”.

According to him, the grounds for revision of the fundamental provisions of the law no. He also notes that the existing quotas for Ukrainian language television and radio also do not need editing. At the same time he admits that the existing provisions may be made the point of the amendment. “Because no law is not a sacred cow,” he explained.

The law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state” entered into force in Ukraine on July 16. The document stipulates that the Ukrainian language is compulsory for public authorities and local governments, educational institutions, hospitals and service sectors. On it are obliged to speak in court, the army, law enforcement, advertising, during election campaigns and referendums.

The team Zelensky law called “carrots”, urging to increase the number of “cakes” around the Ukrainian language. There’s also offered to check the document for violations of the rights of linguistic minorities. Earlier, the head of the presidential administration Andriy Bogdan assured that the Ukrainian leader will not ask the constitutional court to examine the constitutionality of the law, but if such an initiative would be deputies, the presidential administration will not bother them.

In addition, from 2017 the law of Ukraine, according to which 75 percent of airtime on all TV channels must be in the Ukrainian language.

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