Created Rotenberg company will buy thousands of “squares” in Moscow


www.vsyako.netApartment complex Loft Park (as of 2016)Photo: Novostroy-M

Created by Arkady Rotenberg “RG-development” completed apartment complex Loft Park in the North of Moscow. To do this, the company buys troubled territory of fine plant from non-state pension Fund “Blagosostoyanie”. This writes owned by Demyan Kudryavtsev, the newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to market participants.

The company “RG-development” is likely to be to build up the territory of the Moscow fine plant of a name of Peter Alekseeva (MTFP) on Mikhalkovskaya street (near Sochi). The territory of the plant for more than 10 years passed from hand to hand and only now, as writes the edition, get a developer who is interested in the development of the project. “RG-development” will plot where you can build 177,7 thousand square meters. Of them 118,6 thousand “squares” — housing and commercial properties, the rest of the social infrastructure.

The publication notes that the market value MTFP is 2.5-3 billion rubles. The price of apartments at the start of the project may be 150-180 thousand rubles per square meter, in the final stages of construction it will rise to 190-220 thousand rubles for “square”. In this case, the project will take five years and the proceeds from the sale of apartments will exceed 10 billion rubles.

“RG-development” was established in 2013, Arkady Rotenberg and former General Director “SGM” Ruslan by Gorkinym. Among the largest projects of the Builder in LCD “the October field” LCD “Hometown. Vorontsovsky Park”, “Petrovsky Park” LCD “Fonvizina” and others. At the moment, according to the register, 80 percent of the company is under the control of RWM investment group Capital. A representative of Rotenberg claims that the businessman is now irrelevant to the developer has not, however, the sources insist that it is not.

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