Employees of Sergei Dorenko left the radio station and decided to continue his work


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Journalists working at the radio station “Moscow speaking” under the leadership of Sergei Dorenko, has announced the creation of a new project. Relevant publications are posted in the Telegram-channel “Rise”.

According to employees, the media, the project will exist on the basis of a private channel, Dorenko “Defrocked” and channel “Rise”, which was renamed on August 13. The last was called “Moscow speaking”, and was the official representative of the namesake radio station.

The announcement specifies that the release of the new project was joined by the Vice Dorenko on the radio station “Moscow speaking”, leading esters and editors: “these are people who do not see opportunities to continue to work on the radio “Says Moscow” in connection with new appointments”. The staff noticed that want to preserve the principles of Dorenko.

It is assumed that “Defrocked” will be published in the columns of journalists, exclusive interviews and opinions of scientists and the records of the Dorenko. “Rise” will remain a news channel.

Journalist Sergei Dorenko was the chief editor of radio station “Moscow Says”. He died on 9 may from a ruptured aorta. Dorenko was the head of the station “Moscow speaking” in 2014.

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