Fond of sunbathing naked rioted because of police spying


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A resident of the English County of South Yorkshire has filed a lawsuit against the police, due to the fact that Agency staff were removed from the helicopter, as she was sunbathing in the backyard naked. This publication reports The Sun.

54-year-old Tracy Dixon (Tracy Dixon) savila that in 2007 a police helicopter flew over her house three or four times a week. The attacker secretly filmed her and her children, and several times captured a naked woman and her daughters in bathing suits without their knowledge.

The British, once worked as a model, was in shock when I saw the video of the police, and worried that they might be saved not only from the employees of the Department. She said that the attacker — Adrian Pogmore (Adrian Pogmore) — was with her in the same school at the same time she did.

In 2017 Pogmore police officer was sentenced to a year in prison for “sexual espionage”. It is noted that the man had found numerous videos on which people, for example, making love in their houses open patio.

Now Dixon is planning to sue the police of South Yorkshire 200 thousand pounds (15,8 million). She believes that Pagmar invaded her privacy and caused her mental harm.

The woman said that the police did not provide her with a written apology. Representatives of the Department said that will definitely do it, but if Dixon will show them a full list of all the interviews she gave to reporters in connection with the incident and also say how much money she received.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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