Huawei went to the trick in the trade war against the United States


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Chinese company Huawei has hired law firm Sidley Austin to lobby for the trade, as the United States, which has made the company into the black list, put pressure on the allies, demanding to introduce the same measures. About it writes Bloomberg.

Lobbying will cover export controls, trade restrictions and “other issues related to national security,” says the Agency, citing documents that Huawei and Sidley Austin provided to the U.S. Senate. As noted by Bloomberg, the situation has shown the deepening links Huawei with Sidley Austin. Firm in addition to strengthening lobbying is already legal disputes in the United States on behalf of the Chinese company.

Huawei after the escalation of the trade conflict the United States and China in may hit the American black list. US authorities suspected the company in cooperation with Chinese intelligence agencies and stated that the measure is necessary in the interests of national security of the United States. After inclusion in the black list of us companies it became necessary to obtain special permission to cooperate with Huawei.

However, one of the main American partners of the Chinese company — Google — has decided not to do it. In the result, Huawei was threatened to lose the support of the Android operating system — on smartphones Chinese companies operate outside of China. This meant that the owners of the Chinese smartphone lose access to applications such as Chrome browser, YouTube, Play Market app store.

In late June, the leaders of the United States and China, Donald trump and XI Jinping at the G20 summit agreed to a truce, one of which was the removal of the ban on cooperation with Huawei for American companies. However, in late July, relations between the two countries flared up again and they exchanged threats. After it became known that US authorities have decided not to issue licenses to American companies to work with Chinese company.

In the USA lobbying is a legal activity aimed at the promotion of various bills at the Federal level and at the level of most States. Lobbying is regulated by laws and professional lobbyists must register and file reports on their activities. The services of lobbyists, can benefit even States that want to obtain a decision of the American authorities in its favor.

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