In the constellation of the Sails, discovered a mysterious phenomenon


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An international team of astronomers has discovered a short-term slowing of the rotation of the pulsar PSR J0835-4510 in the constellation Vela, which is a thousand light-years from Earth. The discovery was made while exploring glitches (glitches) — sudden increases in the rotation frequency of the pulsar, which helped to identify the processes in the bowels of the star. About it reported in a press release on EurekAlert!.

The researchers analyzed data from observations of glitchy PSR J0835-4510, held in 2016. It is known that only five percent of the pulsars are experiencing crashes, however, the neutron star in the Sails they occur every three years. The results showed that within the PSR J0835-4510 has three distinct components.

One of the components is a “soup” of superfluid neutrons in the inner layer of the bark of the pulsar. Moving towards the surface, he is faced with a hard crust of a neutron star, a spinning pulsar. However, a second wave superfluid soon overtakes the first, causing inhibition.

However, astronomers also noticed a phenomenon that so far defies explanation. To glitch the pulsar has slowed down a bit before returning to the normal rotation mode. Researchers believe that at this time in the depths of a neutron star, something happened, what caused the subsequent failure.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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