Mother compared herself with believe Buzova explain a joke daughter


www.vsyako.netIrina and Olga Buzovitsa: @buzova86

The mother of a Russian TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova Irina said “the Fifth channel” that her daughter, jokingly comparing himself with the inhabitants of Leningrad during the siege, did not want to offend anyone.

According to Irina Buzova, video nothing more than a joke of a celebrity. The singer’s mother also said that grandma Buzova — blokadnitsa, so Olga in the course of this period in the history of the city.

“Her grandmother survived the blockade, she told me her whole life. This is exactly how dad loved to lick the plates, and dad joked all the time that experienced passed on in the genes”, — said the mother of the artist.

She stressed that their family never left on the plates, not a crumb of bread. Mother star added that even during the siege people are never stopped joking around.

“She’s not insulted anyone, for that matter. She is really a descendant of a survivor of the blockade. So she does not throw food and licks his plate,” concluded Irina Buzova.

Earlier Tuesday, Buzova has been criticized on social media after he compared himself to the inhabitants of besieged Leningrad. In the Instagram account she posted a video in which licks the plate clean and jokingly calls himself believe.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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