Seriously ill Russian child received subsidized medication after three months


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Sick child from the city of Balakovo, Saratov region, whose mother complained that the third month could not get a soft drug received the drug. About this informed the head a press-services of regional Ministry of health Alexander Bells, RIA Novosti reported.

The bells noted that the leadership of the Ministry of health brought the situation under control. In addition, we conducted additional negotiations with suppliers.

August 9, a resident of Balakovo Anastasia Lesova wrote in “Vkontakte”, that may can’t get to her five year old son with disabilities preferential anticonvulsant drug “Ethosuximide” (“Suxilep”), and she has to buy it for eight thousand rubles a month. She wrote the treatment in the clinic, the regional Ministry of health, Roszdravnadzor, but in the end she was advised just to wait for a committed purchase.

As noted by RIA Novosti, during a straight line President of Russia Vladimir Putin on 20 June it became known that the inspection in the Saratov region revealed the warehouses with drugs that do not reach the consumers.

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