She has left a daughter in a cafe with a note that says “take me to my new mom and dad”


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In Belorechensk, Krasnodar territory woman left a little girl in the pizzeria and never came back, reports REN TV. A four-year old girl was a note: “do Not give to the kindergarten “baby” and others, and take me to my new mom and dad.”

The woman came with a child in an Italian café on 12 August, he sent his daughter to the nursery, leaving the bag of food and her things on the table. Then she said to the waiter that she had to go down and left.

Girl sent to children’s hospital, while police were looking for her parent. Later 35-year-old woman managed to find, their actions, she explained, “difficult life situation”. In relation to it is checked.

In late may, a resident of Moscow left their child in the playroom at the Mall and left. The kid spent seven hours, the administration of the shopping center tried to call his mother, but she didn’t answer. In a personal conversation a woman said that will not pick up the child and asked the workers “to keep it”.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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