The excess radiation levels under the Severodvinsk called safe


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Recorded by Roshydromet brief rise in the level of radiation in the explosion at a military site near Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region did not pose a danger to local residents. This was reported by the independent expert in the nuclear industry, the head of “Atominfo” Alexander Uvarov, reports TASS.

“For example, during x-ray examinations of the teeth at the dentist, the patient receives an even higher dose of radiation. Generally, the dose of radiation, which you could dial in Severodvinsk on August 8, 1.5 times less than, for example, gets the passenger of the plane during the flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg”, — said the expert.

The day before, August 12, at the regional portal there was a message of Roshydromet on excess of dose rate of gamma radiation in 4-16 times in six of the eight points of Severodvinsk. Shortly after the explosion at a military firing range, these values began to decrease.

As reported “” the Director of Institute of problems of safe development of atomic engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences Leonid Bolshov, the level of background radiation in an explosion at a military site near Severodvinsk was very slight and did not pose any danger to humans. According to him, the system of radiation monitoring and emergency response, working in Severodvinsk, is so perfect that detects very small changes in background radiation that are “irrelevant to the health of the person does not have.”

An explosion at a military firing range in the Arkhangelsk region occurred on August 8 during the test of liquid rocket propulsion, the device is also lit up. Later in the “Rosatom” announced the deaths of five employees. Relatives and friends of the victims and promised to provide help and support.

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