The grooms and brides began to give lessons of family life in the Russian registry office of the city



In the registry office of Kopeisk of the Chelyabinsk region for the future newlyweds began taking lectures in the framework of the national project “Demography”, dedicated to family life. This was reported on the website of the newspaper “Kopeysk worker”.

According to the publication, classes are held twice a month. With grooms and brides deals psychotechnology Elena Savva. They talk about partnerships, talking about the need to pair and understand each other, learn to solve and prevent family conflicts.

“Lectures on partner relationship — it is like a brief master class for young. Conflicts of interest always will, that’s life. It is important to understand that this is not the last point in the relationship that there is a way out of any situation. So gradually people learn to live a happy life, everything is in their hands,” said Sawa.

Until 2024 in Russia it is planned to implement the national project “Demography”, in which also the Federal project “Support of the families having children”. It aims to involve in the educational process of parents and the creation of conditions to enhance their competence in matters of education and upbringing. To do this, in all regions of Russia will establish assistance centers, where the results of the implementation of the Federal project at least 20 million Russians will be able to receive psychological-pedagogical, methodical and consultative help. The Federal budget of the project amounted to 8.6 billion rubles, the total budget of the project — almost 784,5 billion.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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