The man found an additional way to relax with impunity in the middle of the working day


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A Reddit user under the nickname grandpaiscrazybutcoo told how he managed to reduce the working day, achieving from the employer additional breaks.

An international company which employs the author of the publication, allowed religious employees (of the company 90 percent) several times a day to take breaks for prayer. Thus, 70 to 80 percent of the workers regularly leave during the day. However, the narrator is an atheist, and such pauses in the work was he did not put.

“They leave the office 2 or 3 times a day for 10 minutes for prayer, and they are paid the same,” complained the employee.

He asked the Manager to give him extra breaks, and praying colleagues for meditation. At first he refused, but after all he accepted the conditions. The man said that a friend had responded to his actions negatively. In her opinion, it was rude and wrong to my colleagues.

However, users in the review supported the decision of the atheist. In their opinion, the time for meditation — the same right as the breaks required for prayer. One of the users said that such interruptions be useful for improving the workplace environment, as well as advised non-religious employees of his company to follow suit.

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Video, photo All from Russia.


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