The Russian went on vacation with gold bullion sneakers



Russian tourist traveling to China, was the defendant in a criminal case because gold bars found in her sneakers. This was reported by press service of far Eastern customs administration.

Employees of the TRANS-Baikal post noticed that the woman before passing through customs control was nervous and was acting suspiciously. In the end, she voluntarily gave 10 ingots of yellow metal with a total weight of 1.8 pounds. The gold was hidden under the insoles of sneakers.

The tourist said that the bars got it by inheritance from relatives. She wanted to sell them in China.

They are made in the handicraft way, they are no industrial samples, said acting Deputy head of the Chita customs Alexey Rozhnov. He added that women also did not have documents confirming the production or purchase of bullion.

The customs office believe that gold produced illegally. In the TRANS-Baikal region for many gold miners, and “black” gold miners.

The examination found that discovered the bars really made of gold. Their estimated cost is more than four million rubles.

In relation to the detained tourists, a criminal case under article 226.1 of the criminal code (“Illegal movement of strategically important goods and resources”).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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