The star of “Sex and the city,” hounded for refusing to do a show


www.vsyako.netKim Catalfamo:

Anglo-canadian actress Kim cattrall, famous for her role as Samantha Jones in the TV series “sex and the city” faced persecution because of the refusal to star in a third film based on the show. She told about it in interview to The Guardian.

The actress admitted that she loved the project, but after the second picture realized that it is time to finish. “I couldn’t understand why they don’t simply replaced me with another actress instead of wasting time on bullying. No means no,” said cattrall.

62-year-old actress added that after the death of his father and brother suddenly realized that he didn’t want to spend hours of your life on things that do not bring her satisfaction. “I want to choose with whom I spend time, personally and professionally. This is my life,” said the celebrity.

In the fall of 2018, it became known that John James Preston aka Mr. big had to die at the beginning of the film “Sex and the city 3” and the tape was planned to focus on the experiences of his wife Carrie Bradshaw. It was reported that because of this plot turn Kim cattrall has refused to star in the third part.

“People around Kim was sure that the script does not give proper attention to Samantha [Jones]. They pointed to the fact that the death of Mr. big because of a heart attack in the shower at the beginning of the film would have made the rest of the film feelings about Carrie, not about the relationship between the four main characters”, — shared the leading podcast Origins James Andrew Miller.

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