USA stopped trade war with China


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The introduction of additional U.S. duties on certain products from China, including smart phones and laptops, has been postponed until December 15. This was stated by U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer, reports CNBC.

According to him, this decision is connected with the interests of national security and other factors. From the list of taxable goods is also excluded gaming consoles, computer monitors, some brand shoes and apparel.

The new increase in fees of 10 per cent announced in July, the President of the United States Donald trump. He promised that the sanctions will affect Chinese imports in the amount of $ 300 billion. For goods remaining on the list, the fee will increase on 1 September.

After this news, which shows another warming in a trade war between the US and China, the us markets went on the rise. On the eve of the analysts of the largest investment Bank Goldman Sachs concluded that the U.S. economy will decline in the event of a protracted trade war with China.

The trade confrontation between the two largest economies in the world began in 2018. The war was launched by US President Donald trump, who is dissatisfied with the terms of trade with most countries of the world. He is convinced that the United States should renew agreements with the countries and the main method of pressure on them — aggression in the form of trading fees.

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