A prisoner died after being tortured and beaten jailers


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To the death of a prisoner of Alan Marshall in prison Sowton near the Scottish Edinburgh led the inaction of the prison guards, according to investigators in the case. This was reported by the tabloid Daily Mirror.

The incident that led to the death of 30-year-old businessman, was arrested for violation of public order, investigating for several years. The cause of death was a heart attack, but recently released data showed that it was possible to prevent.

According to the publication, Marshall has suffered violence in the course of disciplinary punishment: five guards dragged him on the floor face down across the entire floor. The nurse who was called to the prisoner after he lost consciousness, said that the prison guards simply stood with the dying and did not try to help him, although each of them was trained in first aid. On his body she discovered numerous traces of severe beating and strangulation.

Four days after admission, he died without leaving a coma. The protection officers said that the prisoner attacked them in a condition of narcotic intoxication, however, the examination did not reveal any drugs in his system. At the same time, the investigation found a number of cases in which the testimony of the jailers do not coincide with reality: for example, they claim that Marshall only once kicked, however, the video surveillance cameras recorded at least 10 hits.

In the opinion of the pathologist, the victim was suffering from undiagnosed heart disease, but the cause of the deterioration leading to death will likely have exactly the protection. According to reports, two days before the incident he also showed symptoms of psychosis and paranoid delusions, however, Marshall has not received psychiatric help. The investigation into his death continues.

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