A shot of a mosque, the Aussie told about the love to Russia


www.vsyako.netBrenton of Currentphoto: Mark Mitchell / AP

Brenton Tarrant, who shot the mosque in the new Zealand city of Christchurch, allegedly responded to an anonymous letter from Russia. In the response, published on the anonymous forum 4chan, he talks about love for Russia.

According to Tarrant, he has lived in Russia for a month in 2015 visited Moscow, St. Petersburg and Golden ring towns. Petersburg he calls “the most beautiful city in Europe, beautiful Porto and Prague”. He praised the hospitality of the Russian people and told of the love for Russian songs — a favourite called “Katyusha”, “When we were at war” and the song “Poison” rap artist with the alias Dirty Ramirez.

“I would like to visit Russia one day again, sorry that will not work, but Oh well, life is not about travel,” writes the organizer of the mass shooting in New Zealand over the past 30 years, accused of terrorism. The contents of the letter, to which he replied is unknown, but he talks about his views on politics and racial issue.

March 15 Tarrant with automatic weapons attacked two mosques in Christchurch. Then killed 51 people, 40 were injured. Tarrant broadcast what is happening on the Internet and the day before the massacre, published a 37-page Manifesto called “Great replacement”: in it, he argues that the world’s leaders want to achieve the degradation and disappearance of white people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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