American lecturing positions in the network through the fridge and became famous


www.vsyako.netArchive photo Photo: Alex Maligawa / RIA Novosti

A resident of the U.S. state of Kentucky named Dorothy became popular in social media after he made a publication on Twitter with the smart refrigerator. About it writes New York Mag.

“I don’t know whether this post, I’m talking to my refrigerator. What the hell. My mother was confiscated again and I have all the electronics,” complained Dorothy. This tweet the wearer has gained more than 67 thousand likes.

According to the girl, the mother forbade her to use the Internet due to the fact that she almost started a fire in the house when distracted by watching YouTube videos while cooking. Dorothy admitted that without network access she was bored. In addition, she was afraid of losing its subscribers.

When mom took away Dorothy the phone, she first used the Nintendo, then the Wii U. After the girl lost these devices, she stood up for the administrators of the official Twitter account launched the hashtag #FreeDorothy (“Freedom Dorothy”).

Manufacturer of refrigerators LG has not commented on the incident, however, according to journalists, the household appliance has a function to send posts to a social network.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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