Dziuba spoke about the problems in Russia and criticism of the authorities from the pros


www.vsyako.netArtem Zabatta: Vitaly Nevar / TASS

The attacker “Zenit”, Artem Dzyuba responded to an interview with the Russian hockey player Artemiy Panarin, in which he criticized the Russian authorities. A recording of the conversation with the player appeared on the YouTube channel “Russian Football”.

Dzyuba said that I watched an interview with Panarin and noted that the athlete in it expressed only the opinion. “The fact that there are some problems in our country is 100 percent. But to say that such a bad thing — it’s all… ” — said the player of “Zenith”.

At the same time, Dzyuba acknowledged that the organization has the right to this opinion, because Russia is positioning itself “as a free country.” “I was with him in some things I agree, but overall, no,” said the player.

Interview with Panarin was published on July 18. Speaking about results of work of the Russian authorities, the hockey player said: “the Changes are very small, almost not. People have no work. With nothing to hold onto”. Did not agree with the forward of “Washington capitals” Alexander Ovechkin and two-time Olympic champion Alexander Kozhevnikov.

Panarin plays in the NHL in 2015. On 1 July he signed a contract with “new York Rangers”, becoming the highest paid Russian player in League history.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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