Hundreds of people lined up for one apartment


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Homegate

In Zurich several hundred people at the same time came to the viewing of the rented apartment, reports The Local.

Abnormal interest in the subject was provoked by the stated owner rent — 1,148 thousand francs (about 77 thousand rubles) per month. The average cost of similar proposals in 2,3 thousand francs a month. Zurich is one of the most expensive in the country real estate markets, the newspaper notes.

Potential tenants of the apartment were lined up length of about 300 meters. Who eventually went to the apartment with total area of 73 square meters, is not specified. Collective viewing of the property took place on Monday evening, August 12, and on Tuesday the description of the object has been removed from the online databases of the property.

According to data portal Numbeo gathered information about the cost of living in different countries, the average rent in the heart of Zurich at 103% more expensive than in Moscow. To the outskirts of the two cities, the difference amounts to 161 percent, again in favor of Zurich.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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