In “Rosatom” have explained the data about the upsurge of radiation under the Severodvinsk


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Information of Roshydromet on the excess level of radiation in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region in 4-16 times can be misinterpreted and cause panic among the population. On Wednesday, August 14, said “the” the Deputy Director of communications Department of Rosatom Andrey Ivanov.

“The latter reported the figures, which were recorded. Indeed, the increase was from four to 16 times. Another question. The very flow of the material under the heading “About the emergency, extremely high pollution of the environment…” can cause a flare of panic among the population and a misunderstanding of the situation from journalists,” he said.

According to him, the data which were published by Roshydromet, can be interpreted rather as a confirmation of positive information, informed this Ministry. “The point is that these figures do not bear absolutely no threat to the population of the Archangelsk region and Severodvinsk. The largest values that have been published in this report, was 1.78 microsieverts per hour. For comparison, the astronauts on the ISS receive 40 microsieverts per hour”, — said the expert.

The representative of “Rosatom” believes that it is necessary to raise the question of the responsibility of public authorities for the consequences of information to the people that they publish.

“Enough just to provide information under the heading “About the emergency, extremely high pollution of the environment…” without notifying the public that threats to life and health is not? This is a question that should be put on the state level. Whether the leadership of Roshydromet such information to explain?” — said Ivanov.

According to him, in this case, the issues must arise to the management of the press service of Roshydromet.

“If the leadership of Roshydromet provides an official document, and these are the application forms in their official documents, the management of the press service of Roshydromet, probably should comment on the information which is issued by the official state authority”, — said Ivanov.

Earlier in the Roshydromet website there was a message about exceeding of dose rate of gamma radiation in 4-16 times in six of the eight points of Severodvinsk. Shortly after the explosion at a military firing range, these values began to decrease. According to the independent expert in the nuclear industry, the head of “Atominfo” Alexander Uvarov, the brief rise of the level of radiation in the explosion at a military site near Severodvinsk did not pose a danger to local residents.

An explosion at a military firing range in the Arkhangelsk region occurred on August 8 during the test of liquid rocket propulsion, the device is also lit up. Later in the “Rosatom” announced the deaths of five employees. Relatives and friends of the victims and promised to provide help and support.

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