Pensioner swallowed false teeth and lived with her in the throat more than a week


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In England, the man swallowed dentures during surgery. According to British newspaper the Sun, the prosthesis eight days spent in his throat.

72-year-old pensioner went to the doctors complaining of a sore throat and cough with blood. He noted that a few days ago had surgery on my stomach. Specialists prescribed the antibiotics and also recommended to gargle by diagnosing him with pneumonia. Soon the British came again to the doctors as the pain intensified.

After examining the patient, the experts came to the conclusion that his throat stuck a semicircular object, which led to the formation of build-up and blisters. They also took an x-ray, which showed that the dental prosthesis. The man had to be rushed to hospital to remove the foreign body, which he swallowed during the operation. Six days later the pensioner was discharged, but he started to have internal bleeding.

The doctors gave him a blood transfusion and cauterize bleeding wounds. However, nine days later the artery in the wound ruptured, and the patient is again performed emergency surgery to save his life. After some time he was examined, which showed that the damaged tissue is restored.

According to doctors, this is not the first such case. Still not clear how exactly the man managed to swallow a dental prosthesis, but this could happen because of tubes that are inserted to the patient during anesthesia. The doctor advised to remove dentures before surgery.

Earlier in August, it was reported that in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, from the digestive system of ex-con pulled a toothbrush, which he swallowed about twenty years ago. He used the brush to commit suicide, but the suicide attempt was unsuccessful. The man was alive and after serving a prison sentence was released with a brush in the abdomen.

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