Sadalsky has stood up for the joke about the blockade Buzova


www.vsyako.netStanislav Segelschiffe: Vadim Tarakanov / TASS

Actor Stanislav Sadalsky has defended the singer’s Olga Buzova, which angered his followers with a joke about the blockade. Reports about it “Constantinople”.

“Olga is absolutely the person is not evil. She may be naive, others might say stupid. But it is a good man, Olya”, said the actor and called not to exaggerate the problem of the careless remarks of the performer.

Sadalsky also said that the words Buzova funny to be offended, and the question of whether or not adopt if 16 million subscribers Buzova such statements, said: “We know how these millions are earned. You can buy for $ 100 thousand subscribers. Instagram is a good machine for printing money, which brings money. And it absolutely does not mean that there are millions, billions. It’s all nonsense”.

13 Aug singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova published a video in which he licked the plate and jokingly called themselves believe. Later, the poet-songwriter Ilya Reznik, who as a child survived the siege of Leningrad, called the words Buzova evidence of degradation of the Russian show-business.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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