“Significant” nozzle Russian “Hunter” the explanation given


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Open the nozzle of the engine, the outer antenna and the holes on the Board do not indicate the visibility of radar stations of the enemy promising Russian heavy shock-reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) With a 70 “Hunter”, I’m sure military commentator Viktor Litovkin TASS.

According to him, currently claims about any of the properties of the UAV to be premature because “neither he not defined, nor the weapons it has not shown and not known where and how it is applied”. “To refute or comment on these opinions [in Western media] makes no sense. It is clear that they are caused by a certain jealousy of Russia, which was not heavy attack drones, and they just have” — says columnist.

In August the us edition of the Drive, wrote that the design of the wing With a 70 “Hunter” could be borrowed from the stealth attack aircraft F-117 Nighthawk and stealth drone RQ-170 Sentinel made in the USA.

First flight With a 70 “Hunter” was held on 3 August. Until the end of the year it is planned to hold several similar tests With a 70 “Hunter”.

In February, a military expert Peter Butovo admitted that take-off weight With a 70 “Hunter” will be 25 tons, of which 2.8 tons have adopted, the wingspan of the UAV will be 19 metres, machine length — 14 meters at low altitude drone should be capable of speeds of 1.4 thousand kilometers per hour, and the flight range of the machine will be five thousand kilometers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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