The girl complained about the behavior of men on the toilet and was ridiculed



Netizens criticized microbloggers from Twitter that complained about the behavior of men in a gender-neutral toilet. For this, many called her a hypocrite and a “professional victim”.

First publication of the girl under the nickname MaryBear_ were discussed by the commentators on Reddit. User Yakzi posted a screenshot of her post with condemning commentary. The lady told me that when she washed her hands, went to the toilet by two men, one of them went to relieve themselves, and the other waited until she left the restroom. “I feel oppressed”, — concluded the author. Unknown commentator tried to argue: according to him, the first man treated her as an equal, the other gave her priority as a woman, and both act respectfully.

Many Reddit users criticized the girl, saying that if she doesn’t like the principle of common restroom, then she could in her not to go. “Don’t use a neutral bathroom, if you don’t want the man wrote before you,” they concluded. One of the users noticed that the girl argues, as white Americans during the time of racial segregation when blacks had their own restrooms. During the day, a thread on Reddit won almost 80 thousand likes.

Some time after publishing the post was published on the Russian forum “Peekaboo”. Users from Russia also surprised at the reaction of that woman, gender-neutral toilet. It is dubbed “professional victim”, who contrived to find fault in such trivial situations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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