The grain harvest in Russia was under threat


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Sergey Averin / RIA Novosti

Heavy rains or drought that threatened the harvest of grain, forced the authorities 15 Russian regions to introduce a state of emergency. The loss of farmers may reach 11 billion rubles, writes “Kommersant”.

Some regions of the Volga region and Siberia are going to follow their example. Among them — Udmurtia, Ulyanovsk region, Altai Krai. In the latter region, as explained by the Chairman of the local government Alexander Lukyanov, some farms expect a tenfold reduction of the wheat harvest.

In Udmurtia, by this time usually harvested about 30 percent of the grain, now two percent. The head of the constant Commission of the state Council of the Udmurt Republic on agriculture Vladimir Varlamov explained that due to rains in the field can’t drive the tractors and heavy machinery. In the result, the gross grain harvest is expected at 10-12 per cent below normal.

The problems will test and brewers. The Ministry of agriculture of the Ulyanovsk region has explained that the rains will worsen the quality of the crop. Malting barley will not be used in production, and wheat from the food will turn into fodder.

Under a state of emergency, the farmers will expect compensation for the loss of the authorities and the prolongation of Bank loans.

However, the Ministry of agriculture is not going to reduce the forecast for grain harvest at the level of 118 million tons. Analysts also don’t see a problem in the whole country, although they acknowledge that some regions could lose 5-7 percent of the crop.

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