The Japanese tried to hand out free housing and failed


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In the Japanese village Okutama located in the Prefecture of Tokyo and suffering from a population decline, has offered to everyone free housing and tax benefits, but in the four years of the program, only seven families have agreed to settle there. This writes The Wall Street Journal.

Many of the houses in the village are empty, some are in excellent condition — cared for by the staff of the local administration. Just Okutama currently home to about five thousand people — twice less than in the 1970s. the Path from the village to Central Tokyo takes two hours to find a job here is not easy, so the locals in recent decades, gradually left their homes. Some grew old and died, leaving property in inheritance to relatives. Part of the heirs voluntarily gave the house in the property settlement administration is to sell the house in such an unpopular place is almost impossible.

“We would like to attract new residents, but often people’s expectations far exceed the reality,” — said the publication of the official responsible for the allocation of social housing. One of the families, he said, moved to the village, got to use a complete house, but soon ran away: my parents realized that from Okutama children too difficult to get to school.

Only in Japan in 2018, there were more than eight million empty houses and apartments (the data of the Japanese Ministry of land and infrastructure), notes The Wall Street Journal. The share of unclaimed residential property has reached a record 13.6 percent of the total housing stock of the country.

Earlier in August it became known that the authorities of the village Grossdietwil (Switzerland, Canton of Lucerne) decided to keep residents from moving, offering them financial compensation. Local natives at the age of 30 will provide a grant in 1,5 thousand francs (about 100 thousand) and housing, in that case, if they remain in the village after moving out from my parents.

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