Ukraine revealed the plan in the event of stoppage of Russian gas transit


www.vsyako.netPhoto: RIA Novosti

The Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS) prepared for the fact that after 2020 the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine may cease. This was stated by the operator of the GTS company “Ukrtransgaz”.

The organization said that the upgraded five compressor stations to operate in reverse mode. In the case of a partial or complete stoppage of transit they will be able to ensure uninterrupted gas supplies to Ukrainian consumers in the East and South of the country. The gas will come from European countries and from underground gas storages (UGS) in Western Ukraine.

The company said that at compressor stations of “Hust”, “Bohorodchany”, “husyatyn”, “Bar” and “Aleksandrovka” built a new strapping. They expand the possibility of redistribution of gas flows and optimize engineering costs when operating in reverse mode.

Earlier in August, Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Alexander danyluk said that Kiev has a “plan B” in case he fails to agree with Moscow on the continued transit of gas through Ukrainian territory after 2019.

The current contract on gas transit signed by Russia and Ukraine in 2009, expires December 31. Prior to that, Russia plans to launch two of the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” and “Turkish stream”, which allowed Russian gas to bypass Ukraine. In Kiev in connection with this fear that GTS of the country will be unused.

In the absence of transit Ukraine may also face technical problems in the operation of the transmission system. For its continuous work in UGS in addition to the gas needed for consumption, must be stored a buffer gas, a small amount of fuel to maintain uninterrupted operation, which is not subject to selection.

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