Ukrainian journalist called love for the Russian unexplained phenomenon


www.vsyako.netKirill Casinofoto: page Kirill Sazonov in Facebook

Ukrainian journalist Kirill Sazonov was surprised loyal attitude of the inhabitants of Georgia to the Russians. This he mentioned in the story about the trip to Georgia, published in Facebook.

Sazonov said that can not understand the positive attitude of Georgians towards tourists from Russia. According to him, it is known that the Russian side was the initiator of the military conflict in 2008, and lost the memory of the incident can not be explained.

“How? They bomb your cities they have occupied part of your territory, does this money from tourists to cover?” he said. Sazonov dubbed this “unexplained phenomenon”.

In General, the journalist formed a favorable impression of the trip to Georgia. He commended the national cuisine and culture of the country, noting that local residents close to him in mentality. However, he said that the cost of flights and flight duration is comparable to the vacation in Turkey, and in the future he would prefer another option.

In 2008, Russia after the armed conflict, recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Tbilisi broke off diplomatic relations with Moscow in response to these actions. Georgia accuses Russia of occupation of their territories.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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