Burial of victims of repression in Sandarmokh called spoiling the image of Russia


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The Ministry of culture of Karelia has addressed to the Russian military historical society (RVIA) with the request to conduct a new study of the tract of Sandarmokh, where they found a “firing pit”. This is stated in the letter of the Ministry of RVIA, which read “Rain”.

According to the letter, in 1992 “memorial” found in Sandarmokh 236 “so-called death pits, three of which studied”. They found the remains of 121 persons, as well as shells from the ammunition. The Ministry of culture asked RVIA to conduct a new study to “establish the truth on a disputed historical issues.” The Ministry believes that information about the burial in Sandarmokh of victims of political repression “is actively used by a number of countries in the destructive advocacy actions in the field of historical consciousness.”

The letter also said that “speculation around the events in Sandarmokh damage the international image of Russia”, and also “reinforce in the public consciousness of citizens, unjustified guilt before allegedly repressed representatives of foreign States”.

According to the Ministry of culture, “a number of reputable Karelian historians” believe that Sandarmoh buried about 500 Soviet POWs died in Finnish captivity. It is argued that this view is actively promoted in the scientific community, Russian and foreign mass media, and also received a resonance in Finland.

On August 12, the expedition RVIA began new excavations in Sandarmokh to find the graves of prisoners of Finnish concentration camps and those killed by Soviet soldiers. Are there as observers, employees of the “Memorial” claim that photos and video of the excavation is almost non-existent, and the place is not previously declared and Finnish archaeologists search engines.

The mass graves of the repressed in Sandarmokh found the head of the Karelian branch of “Memorial” Yuri Dmitriev. In 2016 he was accused of producing child pornography, but was acquitted. Later he was suspected of violence against his daughter. In 2018 Dmitrieva was arrested.

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