Changing men declared war with Tinder


www.vsyako.netErin Collinot: from personal archive

A resident of Washington Erin Colleen (Erin Colleen) stated that it regularly finds traitors in the network and helps their wives and partners to expose unfaithful men. According to the Daily Mirror, so she tries to help other women not to fall into the situation where she was herself.

According to Colleen, was cheating on her a few times and it motivated her not to give other men the chance of impunity to meet other secretly from loving their women. The woman finds of potential traitors using the Dating app Tinder. She told me that she often finds forms that expressly stated that the men are married, but would like relationship on the side.

American said that with the help of social networks finds the mother, girlfriend or wife of a traitor, and then sends them proof in the form of correspondence or intimate photos of the men. According to her, is unpleasant, but the women thank her for her help. “It is 2019, and traitors not to hide anymore” — sure, Colleen.

In March, a Reddit user said that he caught his girlfriend cheating after her personal photos accidentally transferred into his Google account. He was advised to quit liar.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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