Disclosed the contents of the British Queen


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Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith has said, what is in the handbag of Queen Elisabeth II. Her words quoted by The Sun.

According to the writer, the Queen always wears a reading glasses, mints, a pen, lipstick Clarins and a small mirror. After any meal she gets out of the bag lipstick and lip tints.

On Sundays, when Elizabeth visits the Church, she takes along some cash — bills at five and ten pounds for donations.

Another Royal expert Phil Dumper reported that she also keeps to himself family pictures, crossword puzzles from Newspapers, diary, notebook, and probably a smartphone.

In July the Queen of the UK was suspected of insult of the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson due to the fact that she did not withdraw from the elbow bag during the handshake. Throughout the meeting, she did not part with his black bag from the British brand Launer.

According to Royal historian Hugo Vickers the Queen also uses a bag in order to signal to his servants. For example, she puts it on the table when going to leave, and shifts it from hand to hand when he wants to end the conversation.

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