Found a way to legally reduce the working day


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Netizens were delighted with Council as long as possible to postpone the lunch break during the work day and called it a legal way to reduce the time spent in the office. Life hack posted on Twitter, got on Reddit 20 thousand likes in a few hours.

“I’m stupid, or someone else lays a lunch break for as long as possible? So, when I came back, I had less time until the end of the day?” — said the girl under the nickname tiasbw. Published a screenshot of a user network, said that this life hack is “a proven scientific fact.”

Most commentators said that this is the greatest secret they have uncovered through the years. “If you are allowed to do it, this is the single greatest factor in a subconscious reduction of the working day,” said the user AuthorityAnarchyYes. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to work at a job that wouldn’t allow me to do it” — echoed the other user.

One of the subscribers of the thread said that he can take a break after six hours in the office. This allows him to minimize the second part of the day — up to two hours. Some supported it and noticed that it is possible to optimize hour break, dividing it into two small breaks.

A number of users objected that such liface don’t work for them, since they are unable to work well on an empty stomach. They were advised to bring a small snack. “I work until the last hour of work, then go home to eat. I work from nine to four, so it works for me. I eat a protein bar around noon. Always know how to crack the system,” — boasted tommyboi77. He was supported by those who are willing to neglect the lunch and leave the office an hour early.

Earlier, one of the network users said that he had sought from the employer additional breaks. He was indignant with pauses for prayer, instead of religious employees, and demanded to impose a pause for meditation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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