Inadequate buyer of the house reprimanded the seller and threatened him with an attorney



Reddit users mocked the buyer who refused to buy the house and threatened the seller with the Prosecutor’s office after was awakened by his message. Tred scored 30 thousand likes in a few hours.

The author of the post under the name EdwardTennant posted a screenshot of the correspondence. At first a clarifying question, sold the house, the owner answered in the affirmative. “Leave me alone, we sleep”, soon answered by the potential buyer. He later demanded from him did not go on contact. “I have written”, — said the seller. “I know, I am not interested. Please stop texting me. I will contact the Prosecutor General’s office, if you do not stop. Thank you,” said the buyer.

Some users had fantasized how it would look like a strange dialogue between the party and the authorities. “Associated with the attorney General. Attorney General: “I’m happy to help!” — “Please, leave me alone, we sleep”,” — ironically one of the commentators. “I heard that the Prosecutor is known for the fact that saves people’s time,” joked another. Many users ironically noticed that I would like to know what the outcome of this action-Packed story.

Some users have shared similar experiences. “I sold the car. Received a message: “the Car still for sale?” — answer two minutes later, Yes. People (three minutes later): “Who is it?”” — said one of them. Several commenters stated that stopped to answer questions like that on the sites with ads, and some ceased to use such services due to strange messages from buyers.

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Video, photo All from Russia.


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