Microsoft admitted tapping of an audio user


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Microsoft has officially acknowledged that listens on and writes a separate record of the conversations of Skype users and voice assistant Cortana, according to Motherboard. Now this was reported in the updated privacy policy on its web pages.

To confirm the fact of wiretapping of the company decided after material Motherboard. It said that Microsoft sent employees to a third-party record conversations of users, which contained personal data of the clients of the company. These records are transcribed and translated.

“We realized we can do a better job and explicitly state that our employees or employees on contract sometimes studying the data,” said a Microsoft representative.

The company decided to keep the functionality of the application unchanged, limiting the indication that the records sometimes can be heard and decoded in text format. Microsoft added that gives users the ability to delete such records using a special utility.

Previously, Google has admitted to this practice. The company said that its experts listen to the commands that give users a voice assistant. This step in Google’s explained by the desire to improve the OCR recognition language.

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