Muscovites loved ersatz housing


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The share of small apartments-studios in the demand for new buildings of Moscow has increased over the year from 4 to 7 percent. This is stated in the materials of the analysts of the company “INKOM-real Estate” (at the disposal of edition”.ru”).

The pace of implementation of the studios for the year increased by 8 percent, according to the study. The average price per square meter reached by August 2019 212 thousand rubles, which is 9 percent more than the year before. The reasons for this development in the company called the introduction of the new rules of shared construction, which increase the cost of new buildings.

According to statistics company, the cost per square meter in a Moscow apartment-studios, on average, 10 percent higher than in a Studio apartment standard sizes and layouts. Due to small square footage budget buying the Studio is 30 percent lower than normal “odnushki”. At least 60 percent of the capital of the studios have an area of 20-25 square metres, 35 percent of 30-35 square meters, and 5 percent of offers — just 15-18 “squares”, analysts estimated INCOM.

“Thanks to the affordability of Studio projects in the mass market are sold first. For the first quarter of implementation of the project “washed out” 70 percent of the studios, the rest of us find the owner for the next three months”, — commented on the situation on the primary market, the Deputy Director of Department of new buildings “INKOM-real Estate” Valery Kochetkov.

Earlier in the company “Metrium” called the price of the cheapest apartment in Moscow. In August 2019, the minimum budget of buying an apartment in the capital buildings was recorded in one of the LCD district Kuntsevo: for 3,18 million roubles for sale Studio apartment with an area of 19.8 square meters.

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