Russia is considering a ban of timber supply in China


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Vyatkin / RIA Novosti

Russia may completely ban the export of timber to China, if this country is not going to help solve the problem of illegal logging in the Russian territory. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of nature Dmitry Kobylkin in an interview with the family-owned Demyan Kudryavtsev, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

“They come, buy wood, and we clean up the rubble. China should clearly understand that if they do not connect to a solution to this problem, we have no other option but to ban the export of timber fully,” said Kobylkin. According to him, if the Chinese side will be concrete steps, the problem can be solved.

The Minister also spoke about the proposal to build the Beijing, together with Russia, breeding and seed systems for planting forests. He stressed that this will help to restore what was cut down illegally.

China is the largest consumer of forests in the world. According to UN estimates, China accounts for 39 percent of the world’s wood procurement Russia is one of the leaders of the export market. However, the supply often pass through gray and black schemes. Illegal logging and subsequent sale to Chinese consumers is one of the key problems of the Russian Siberia and the bordering regions of Russia with China.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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