Ten Chechen boy give me 4874 times and became the champion


www.vsyako.netPhoto: “Grozny-Inform”

In Chechnya, a ten year old boy set a record for number of pushups in his age category. About it reports information portal “Grozny-inform”.

Arbi Yakubov push-up, 4874 times. The record was registered by the chief editor of one of the Books of records Stanislav Konenko. According to him, is “the greatest number of push-UPS in one go in the world in the category of “boys 10 years””.

Minister of physical culture and sports of Chechnya Musa Hunarikov also attended the event. He congratulated the boy and said that children in the Republic each month set new records. Yakubov dedicated to the attainment of the memory of Akhmat Kadyrov.

The father of the champion told reporters that the boy from five years of experience in sports and is not going to stop there.

In mid-July it was reported that six-year-old Chechen Rahim the Kuriyev push-up, 4818 times. This, according to Stanislav Konenko, is a world record in the category of “Most number of push-UPS in one set boys six years”. Before that, in June six-year-old from Ingushetia Ibragim Lyanov give me 4445 times, breaking the record Kureyeva: the first time a Chechen repeated the exercise 3202 times.

However, Alexei Svistunov, chief editor of the alternative Book of records of Russia, the edition of which cooperates with the Guinness Book of records since the late 80-ies of the last century, noted in the comment to “lente.ru” that does not recognize these records. “In 1990 a young Muscovite Kirill Maximov per hour push-UPS almost four thousand times, and for two hours — more than seven thousand times. Nine-year-old boy from North Ossetia Pasha Huseynov in 2004 wring 9263 times in six and a half hours,” he said.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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